Writing has never been my strong suit. My grammar, spelling errors, and typos might drive you crazy, but this isn’t a book, it’s just unedited thoughts of life after Ryan’s accident… and no one is making you read them. 

 At first writing was a way for me to declutter my brain. I felt like if I got it out on paper, or in this case typing, then I could let go a little bit and not be worried about forgetting everything. 

There are a lot of things I WANT to forget but at the same time 5-10 years from now when Hank asks me questions, I want to give him the right answers.  So, I write.

 My mind, as you can imagine, never stops and I’ve got a lot of unopened tabs…  so, let’s open some up.

I’ll start with the heaviest and the hardest entry to write and I’m sure the hardest to read… The night I never got the text I was promised... “just landed”